LT-F08 Utility Coupler

Model: LT-F08

Floating side PO: 1601  Fixed side PO: 1602

Provide energy connection between master station and slave station

With X, y, Z, directional floating performance, eliminate docking error

Modular design of media unit, more flexible collocation

Pass through media such as electric power, data, i/o, air, liquid and other media

Docking / separation status LED visible

Identification  slave station number

  • Introduction
  • CAD Drawing
  • 3D Model

Utility coupler is divided into fixed port and floating port, a flexible utility connector could couples utilities such as electric signals, pneumatic air, fulids for docking and fixturing applications. The fixed port has a unique flexible mechanical device, which can compensate the positioning error, mechanical error and other errors in the docking process. It is mainly used in the field of automotive plant,It is used to quickly supply power, pneumatic air, liquid and signal to the tooling equipment or trolley when they changed.


  1. Similar mounting interface with LT Robotic tool changer, modules can be matched with.
  2. Optional driven way: servo motor or pneumatic

Compensation available:

  1. Compliance(X&Y-Axis):±4mm
  2. Compliance(Z-Axis):+2mm
  3. Rotational Compliance:±3°
  4. Min.Coupling Force:≥2500N
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