Profinet Bus Control Module

Model: LMO-C26-BM01-AF03

Robot Side PO: 1309

Tool Side PO: 1310

Module Introduction

The Modules LMO series of Linghang robot quick change system, it ensures the fast connection and stable transmission of all kinds of media between the robot side and the tool side, it can be easily installed on the tool quick change system, significantly improved the flexibility of the quick change system.

Connecting power, data, I/O, fluid and other media, it is widely used in various scenes including palletizing, transportation, vacuum, polishing, welding, laser, stamping, gluing, Ethernet, data acquisition, etc.

Due to the modular design, it can be adjusted unlimited for robot application and adapt to different production processes and new technologies.

Based on tens of thousands of application cases ,LMO series has more than 1000 different types of products, which can easily solve all kinds of robot applications .

Due to the continuous introduction of new atechnologies, LMO series products are constantly updated, and support customization.

PO Model Configuration Parameter Connector configuration  Weight(KG)
Robot Side 1309 LMO-C26-BM01-AF03-M Bus communication module

7/8-5 pin bus power interface
M12-4-pin D-coded bus interface

Built-in arc extinguishing,

safe docking control components,

Tool identification 0-7, sensor interface

7 / 8-5-pin bus power supply male, M12-4-pin D-code bus interface female


Tool Side 1310 LMO-C26-BM01-AF03-T 7 / 8-5-pin bus power supply, M12-4-pin D-code bus interface 0.85
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