LT-F31 Utility Coupler

Model: LT-F31

Robot side PO: 1650 Tool side PO: 1651

Provide energy connection between master station and slave station

With X, Y, Z  directional floating performance, eliminate docking error

Modular design of medium unit, more flexible configuration

Pass through medium such as electric power, data, i/o, air, liquid and other media

Integrated tool side in position detection sensor

Identification slave station number

  • Introduction
  • CAD Drawing
  • 3D Model
  1. With 2*PT3/8 self-sealed pneumatic ports
  2. Integrated tool plate in position detection sensor
  3. Optional driven way: Servo Motor or Pneumatic

Compensation available:

  1. Compliance(X&Y-Axis): ±4mm
  2. Compliance(Z-Axis): +2mm
  3. Rotational Compliance:±3°
  4. Min.Coupling Force: ≥1526N

Optional configuration:

Signal IO: Industrial Bus Control: Servo and electric power:










-Servo module 

-12channel electric power 

-electric power+signal

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