LT-FR030B-3060 Floating Grinding Spindle

Model: LT-FR030B-3060

PO: 3169

Specializes in removing deburring and burring

Overcome surface irregularities

Replaceable standard industrial grinding heads

  • Introduction
  • CAD Drawing
  • 3D Model

For the Advantages of Deburring

  1. The tool and workpiece are in flexible contact, which can prevent multi cutting.
  2. The binding force between the tool and the workpiece can be adjusted.
  3. It can eliminate the workpiece error, positioning error and ensure the contact between the tool and the workpiece.
  4. By adjusting the buoyancy force, small burrs and relatively small nozzle can be removed at the same time.

Scope of Use

Cast iron, steel, aluminum alloy, resin, etc, Flanging after machining, Seam line, general burr, Nozzle below 3mm, Chamfer below C2

Floating Function

  1. Radial float
  2. Axial float
  3. Floating force External control
  4. Floating force robot tool changer switching

(Can be added with floating force control system)

Mode No. LT-FRC030B-3060
Autorotation Rate 60000rpm
Power 350W
Floating Angle(X,Y) ±5°
Radial Floating Angle 360°
Axial Compliance 5mm
Floating Moment 7.2N-28.8N
Chatter 1μm
Diameter of Floating Air Pipes Φ4
Air Pressure Adjustable Range 0.1~0.4Mpa
Dimension Φ82mm*212mm
Tool holding diameter Φ6.0
Weight 1796.6g

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