LT-FRC030B-3060 Floating Grinding Spindle

Model: LT-FRC030B-3060

PO: 3171

Specializes in removing deburring and burring

Overcome surface irregularities

Replaceable standard industrial grinding heads

Support automatic tool change

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Mode No. LT-FRC030B-3060
Autorotation Rate 60000rpm
Power 350W
Floating Angle(X,Y) ±5°
Radial Floating Angle 360°
Axial Compliance 7mm
Floating Moment 7.2N-28.8N
Chatter 1μm
Diameter of Floating Air Pipes Φ4mm
Diameter of Spindle Air Pipes Φ6mm
Air Pressure Adjustable Range 0.1~0.4Mpa
Dimension Φ104mm*270mm
Weight 3482.3g
Change The Knife Automatically diameter: 0.5~6.35mm
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