LTC-1300A Tool Changer

Model: LTC-1300A

Robot Side PO: 0151

Tool Side PO: 0153

Recommended payload ≤ 1300kg

Locking force: 106263N allowable Moment: 6830N·m (static) allowable torque: 6920N·m (static)

6 modules mounting interface

Suitable for handling, palletizing, welding, grinding, deburring and other applications

With air pressure loss self-locking function, even if the master plate cut off accidentally, Mater plate and tool plate will not separated.

Standard configuration: Master plate lock/unlock sensor, tool plate in position detection sensor

  • Introduction
  • CAD Drawing
  • 3D Model
  • Optional Modules
Model Master plate LTC-1300AM
Tool plate LTC-1300AT
load Payload capacity 1300kg
(when pressure 0.49Mpa)Locking Force 106263N
(Static)Allowable moment 6830N·m
(Static)Allowable torque 6920N·m
Size and precision Dimension 313mm
Combined thickness 119mm
Position   repeatability ±0.02mm
Air pressure   for working 0.4~0.7Mpa
Locking   mechanism Locking steel  ball
Texture of material Main body   material Aluminum alloy
Locking   mechanism Alloy steel
Environmental Science Temperature 0-60℃
Humidity 0-95%
Weight Master side 19kg
Tool side 9.5Kg
Electrical ModuleElectrical Module
Servo Motor ModuleServo Motor Module
Gas and Liquid ModuleGas and Liquid Module
Bus ModuleBus Module
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