Flexible Upgrade Of A Heavy Industry Assembly Line


Project Address:Changsha,China·heavy industry

Project type: Handling

Project scene: as a leading enterprise in the global high-end engineering machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, a heavy industry must also be highly intelligent and flexible. The assembly and distribution of concrete pump truck located in a heavy industry park in Changsha is the representative. One of the essential equipment components of high flexibility production line is robot tool quick change device. With its excellent quality and excellent performance, LT quick change can help the flexible upgrade of a heavy industry assembly line. The use of LT fast change effectively solves the problem of various parts, assembly tools and slow type change on the assembly line. Through the fast change of navigation, it can realize the fast switching of different assembly tools in 10 seconds, and ensure the stable and reliable transmission of energy power such as power, compressed air and inspection signal required by the assembly tools. It not only shortens the distance of assembly logistics, but also optimizes the assembly process. The LT fast change model selected for the project is LTC-0300A, with a payload capacity of 300kg.

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