Congratulations to Linghang Robots for being selected for the 2024 Henan Province Key Construction Projects List


Congratulations Linghang robots on making it to the list of key construction projects in Henan Province for 2024! This achievement vividly showcases Linghang’s outstanding strength and remarkable contributions in the field of intelligent manufacturing and robotics, injecting new vitality into the economic development of Erqi District and even Henan Province.

Recently, the Henan Province Key Project Construction Leading Group Office and the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government announced the list of key construction projects for 2024 in Henan Province and Zhengzhou City. Among them, Erqi District has 28 projects included in our provincial and municipal key construction projects, with a total investment of 30.3 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 9.13 billion yuan. Mainly covering five major areas: innovation-driven capacity enhancement projects, infrastructure construction projects, new type of infrastructure projects, industrial transformation and development projects, and improvement of people’s livelihood and social welfare projects.

The construction of the Linghang Robots End Intelligent Equipment Zhengzhou Production Base project will not only promote the innovative development of intelligent manufacturing and robotics technology, but also promote the improvement and upgrading of related industrial chains, providing strong support for the sustained and healthy development of the regional economy.

Being selected as a key construction project in Henan Province is a recognition and affirmation of Linghang Robots’ efforts in scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of the Linghang team, this project will achieve even more brilliant results, making greater contributions to the economic and social development of Erqi District and Henan Province.

As a member of the Linghang team, I feel extremely proud and honored, and I look forward to Linghang continuing to play a leading role in the future development, contributing more strength to the prosperous development of intelligent manufacturing and robotics technology!

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