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In June, under the scorching sun, many renowned media outlets, including Henan Daily Group, Zhengzhou Daily, Top News, Baidu AIGC, and the Propaganda Department of Erqi District, visited Linghang. The production workshop of Zhengzhou Linghang Robot Co., Ltd. was bustling with activity, with orders being filled and production in full swing.

In the quality inspection workshop of the company’s production plant, skilled quality inspectors were conducting inspections using coordinate measuring machines, Rockwell hardness testers, torque testers, salt spray tests, tensile testers, and current tests. Staff told reporters that Linghang maintains stringent quality control standards. Each product has a unique S/N code and full traceability of product information. Before leaving the factory, products must undergo seven major inspection procedures, meeting 118 criteria.

Linghang follows the path of technological innovation for enterprise development

The robot quick-change device was once a high-tech barrier and heavily monopolized by foreign companies. To break this monopoly, Linghang Robot adopted the company philosophy of “promoting innovation through development and driving development through innovation,” aiming to become the world’s leading provider of robot end equipment. The company embarked on a path of technological innovation, filling domestic gaps and breaking foreign monopolies.

With policy support for domestic substitution, in 2013, Linghang produced China’s first “robot quick-change” product, marking the beginning of a journey to break barriers. Linghang has since expanded along the industrial chain, entering fields such as quick-change disks, grippers, force control floating polishing, and pneumatic and electric quick connectors, becoming a key player leading industry development.

After ten years of effort, in 2020, Linghang became a listed company on the China Equity Exchange, emerging as an influential enterprise in the Central Plains. It provides a comprehensive industrial chain ecological platform for creating a “robot end + robot + IoT” system.

Linghang integrates “independent research and development, production, sales, and service,” with an excellent independent R&D team and a modern intelligent manufacturing factory, offering comprehensive integrated automation solutions for robots.

Linghang is committed to building a “new intelligent manufacturing” enterprise

From a market perspective, the rapidly growing automotive market in recent years has driven the fast-growing demand for quick-change devices. Robot end quick-change devices are becoming standard equipment for robots in many industries, such as automotive original equipment manufacturers. A Linghang Robot R&D engineer said, “We believe that in the next few years, the load rate of industrial robot quick-change devices will increase by nearly 80%.”

Specifically, Linghang Robot’s quick-change devices cover a load range of 5kg-3000kg and can automatically switch different end tools for a single industrial robot. Linghang’s quick-change devices use self-developed patented locking technology, with positioning pins made of high-strength alloy materials, ensuring high precision after millions of cycles. They also have an air loss self-locking function: if the robot side of the quick-change device suddenly loses pressure, the locking mechanism will maintain the cam in the locked position with a spring. The patented tool holder interlock function prevents accidental opening during normal operation, even if the robot incorrectly outputs an open command to the solenoid valve module.

Technologically, Linghang Robot’s core strengths include repeat accuracy, air pressure loss self-locking, safe docking systems, a million-cycle leak-free welding tongs cooling water module, L201710 stainless steel new materials, and LMO data transmission technology. These innovations address product reliability, lifespan, and safety issues. Reportedly, Linghang Robot holds over 70 patent technologies and 6 software copyrights, with products certified by ISO9001 quality management systems and EU CE safety standards. It has won numerous honors, including National High-Tech Enterprise, Zhengzhou “Specialized and Innovative” Enterprise, and Zhengzhou “Intellectual Property Standardization Enterprise.”

Linghang Robot Production Scenario

Linghang Robot’s energy docking combination version has broader application scenarios. It is richly configured to transmit water, electricity, oil, gas, signals, and fiber optics, featuring full-range floating performance in X, Y, and Z directions to eliminate docking errors. It is highly compatible and corrosion-resistant.

Linghang’s market positioning is not just as a supplier of quick-change equipment. Its force control floating polishing tool is also a high-efficiency, flexible automated deburring tool. With 360° radial floating and adaptive full-range deburring, it absorbs product shape variations during deburring, reducing adjustment difficulty. The flexible contact between the tool and workpiece prevents over-cutting. It is used for multi-process grinding of parts made of cast iron, steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, etc.

Additionally, Linghang’s axial active floating constant force grinding tool adapts to complex convex and concave surfaces for flexible grinding, ensuring consistent results. It is an excellent adaptive output force compensation and flexible grinding and polishing tool.

Linghang’s pneumatic grippers use compressed air to grip or grasp workpieces, replacing manual handling for different shapes, sizes, weights, and materials. The perfect combination of multi-tooth guide rails and a trapezoidal structure meets larger load and bending moments. The patented coating process ensures precision remains almost intact after millions of cycles, and the unique self-lubricating design allows for longer maintenance-free use.

Linghang Robot Customer Service

In sales, Linghang Robot uses a channel model combining integrators and end customers, with automotive original equipment manufacturers as the main end customers. The company’s products are sold in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Among the four product series, Linghang Robot’s earliest developed quick-change device equipment is now industry-leading.

Linghang Robot has collaborated with over a thousand units, including SAIC Motor, Sany Heavy Industry, Foxconn, Chengdu Aircraft Industry, Tesla, Dongfeng Nissan, Changan Automobile, Toyota, Honda, Great Wall Motors, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Engineering Physics, China Machinery Research Institute, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenyang Institute of Automation, ABB, KUKA, FANUC, and Yaskawa.

Linghang Robot has more than 40% of its employees in R&D. The core team has nearly 20 years of experience in developing robot end products and industrializing automation systems.

Facing huge demand in overseas markets, Linghang Robot adheres to the development concept of “global market, intelligent equipment, and refined services,” actively expanding overseas markets.

The company has established subsidiaries/offices in Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia, with products sold in more than 30 countries and regions, including Russia, India, Germany, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Additionally, Linghang Robot has conducted surveys in over 20 countries along the Belt and Road, anticipating market needs. In 2024, Linghang Robot achieved significant growth in overseas trade, with export revenue doubling year-on-year, gaining high recognition in the international robot end industry. Linghang Robot’s products have become synonymous with “high quality.”

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