With The Advent Of The Intelligent Era, The Polishing Robot Market Has Ushered In Accelerated Development


In recent years, with the continuous release of industrial automation demand and the continuous decline of demographic dividend, China’s robot industry has ushered in rapid development. Since 2013, the domestic industrial robot market has entered a period of rapid development driven by demand and application. Not only has the market sales exceeded one third of the world, but also the average annual growth rate has been maintained at more than double digits for a long time. Up to now, China has become the world’s largest industrial robot demand and application market for eight consecutive years.

Polishing is one of the important processes in many industries, such as machinery manufacturing industry, processing industry, mold industry and so on. The robot has a wide range of applications in this manufacturing process. Now you can see the busy figure of the robot, whether it is grinding, polishing or deburring. With the increasing demand for polishing robots from domestic auto parts and industrial product processing enterprises and hardware enterprises, the installation of polishing robots in China has shown a rapid growth trend in recent years.

What is a polishing robot?

Grinding robot is generally composed of teaching box, control cabinet, robot body, pressure sensor, grinding head assembly and so on. It can realize continuous trajectory control and point position control under the control of computer.

Specific application of grinding robot:

1. Deburring of workpiece with end cutter and grinding path

The polishing robot replaces manual deburring of metal workpiece, which is greatly conducive to reducing the requirements of manual operation technology. Taking hardware and metal castings as an example, these hardware and metal castings require smooth surface and no residual metal burrs. The polishing robot can remove burrs by using the knife at the end of the polishing tool and the motion path, which has great advantages for reducing labor and reducing the application of equipment.

2. Filter the weld and oxide layer during multi-layer weld grinding

Polishing robots are also frequently used in weld grinding operations. Generally speaking, multi-layer weld grinding needs to filter out irregular welds, spatter and oxide layer, so as to ensure smooth transition on the welding surface and obtain better welding quality. In addition, during weld grinding, the polishing robot will also avoid pores or slag inclusion on the product surface.

3. Use the small end to remove the burr of the inner hole of the inner cavity

As we all know, deburring of inner cavity and inner hole requires very high technology and long time and energy. Sometimes, the deburring operation will be blocked due to the inability of manpower to go deep into the inner hole of the inner cavity, and the end of the grinding and polishing robot is small, so it can go directly into the inner hole of the inner cavity for deburring. At the same time, it can also ensure that the deburring operation has high productivity and stability.

Highlight the advantages of grinding robot

There are three major problems in the traditional manual grinding production mode, such as low efficiency, high cost and insufficient safety. The limitations of manual grinding not only seriously hinder the development of the grinding industry itself, but also seriously hinder the development of the whole manufacturing production line. Through the application of grinding robot in the production line, it greatly meets the upgrading needs of the industry to improve efficiency, increase speed and reduce cost.

It is understood that the grinding robot is mainly used for high-precision grinding and polishing operations in sanitary industry, industry, auto parts, industrial parts, medical devices, civil products and other industries. At present, the advantages of grinding robot compared with manual work are mainly reflected in three aspects: cost saving, ensuring product consistency and job safety.

The polishing robot has stable polishing quality, significantly reduced defective rate of finished products, fast polishing speed, improved production efficiency, 24-hour continuous production a day, saved labor cost, improved environment, reduced dust pollution, shortened product transformation cycle, reduced corresponding investment equipment and redevelopment, Users can carry out secondary programming according to different parts. At the same time, the use of grinding robot also plays a good role in grinding quality, product smoothness and product consistency.

Due to various safety hazards and high-intensity operation pressure brought by traditional manual grinding operation, manual operation is obviously not suitable for the long-term development of enterprises. Therefore, in the future, with the continuous development of robot technology and the further improvement of product quality and production efficiency requirements, grinding robot will receive unprecedented attention and application.

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