The 10th Automotive Advanced Manufacturing Technology Summit (2024ATC)


In the human world, April brings warm spring and blossoming flowers. The leading team lives up to the springtime and the prime of life. On April 10th, 2024, the 10th Automotive Advanced Manufacturing Technology Summit (ATC) officially kicked off in Chongqing. The leading team was invited once again to embark on this journey, which not only recognizes the strength of the leading team in the field of intelligent automotive manufacturing technology but also acknowledges its influence within the industry.

The 10th Automotive Advanced Manufacturing Technology Summit (ATC- Chongqing Forum) in 2024, as the largest in scale, highest in technical level, and with the most participants in the automotive production and manufacturing field in China, provides a platform for attendees to explore the latest technologies and developments in automotive production intelligence. As a grand event in the automotive production and manufacturing field, the ATC- Chongqing Forum attracts numerous industry elites, experts, scholars, and business representatives every year.

This edition of the ATC- Chongqing Forum not only boasts quantity but also quality. Various enterprises have showcased their expertise, focusing on the latest digital technologies in the four major processes of automotive production intelligence, intelligent manufacturing solutions, and new energy vehicle technologies.

As a service provider dedicated to intelligent manufacturing in the automotive industry, the leading team not only showcased its flagship products such as quick-change discs, spot welding gun changers, pneumatic grippers, and force-controlled polishing and deburring, but also launched new products such as “Energy Interface Combination Panels” for the application in the new energy vehicle industry.

As an invited guest, the leading team will have the opportunity to interact face-to-face with numerous industry professionals, sharing its experience and technological achievements in the automotive manufacturing field. At the same time, through this forum, the leading team can further understand the latest trends and developments in the industry, providing strong support for the company’s strategic planning and business development.

Participating in the ATC- Chongqing Forum will bring broader perspectives and more cooperation opportunities for the leading team. Through exchanges with different enterprises and institutions, the leading team can explore more possibilities for cooperation, jointly promoting the advancement of automotive manufacturing technology and the development of the industry. This is also an important opportunity to showcase strengths, expand cooperation, and understand industry trends, contributing to further development in the automotive manufacturing field.

The spot welding gun changer, force-controlled polishing and deburring, and energy interface combination panel showcased by the leading team at the exhibition undoubtedly demonstrate its technical strength and foresight in the field of intelligent automotive manufacturing, showcasing its innovative capabilities.

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