How To Choose Robot Tool Changer


Main factors for select robot tool changer

1. Payload

The selected payload is greater than or equal to the payload of the robot.

2. Anti Torque Capability

Although it is a good entry point to select the quick change model through the payload, the anti torque ability is a very important parameter to select the quick change model suitable for your application. In addition to the load, it is also necessary to know the position of the center of gravity of the weight executive tool and the distance from the center of gravity to the bottom of the quick change tool side, so as to determine the static torque value of this application. Through the static torque value, we can choose the appropriate type of quick change. If the acceleration is greater than 1G, there is no need to worry, because the robotic tool changer can withstand more than three times the static torque value of the dynamic torque.

Generally,with the increase of the number of quick change models, the corresponding rated load and torque capacity will also increase.

3. Position Reset Accuracy

Robot tool changer position reset accuracy ±0.02mm,Better than most industrial robots.

4. Power Source

Priority should be given to pneumatic power source and electric power source should be avoided, since power source is easy to be disturbed in complex industrial environment.

5. Work Environment

The working temperature range of quick change is 0 ~ 60 ℃.

If the temperature exceeds the range, some protective measures should be taken.

If there is water vapor in the industrial field and there is debris in the grinding application, corresponding protective measures should be taken.

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