LTC-0200 Robot Tool Changer Used in Auto Parts Welding Project


Robotic welding is the use of mechanized programmable robots to automate the welding process by performing welding and handling parts.

The production process of the automobile industry is complex. In the production of key components, the application of robot tool changer has greatly improved production efficiency and safety.

Our customers have been engaged in the automotive industry for many years. In recent years, the model iterations have been fast, the production line has been replaced frequently, and the workload of the original production line has increased. The company is facing problems such as tight delivery time and low production efficiency. There is an urgent need to create a highly automated parts welding industry line.

In response to the customer’s production needs, the technicians recommended the LTC-0200 robot tool changer for the company’s auto parts welding project, with optional gas circuit and bus modules. The series has RD connection technology, which makes the power transmission more stable; The excellent welding gun water module can achieve 100 leak-free connections.

The patented mechanical self-sealing realizes the automatic sealing of fluid media such as water and gas after the main side of the robot tool changer and the tool side are disconnected, and realizes the quick connection between industrial robots, tool quick changers, welding tongs, fixtures and other executive tools

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