The Built-in Mechanical Spring Will Lock Automatically When The Air Supply Of The Robot Tool Changer Turned Off


Due to the built-in spring of the robot tool changer, it will automatically lock when the air supply is turned off to prevent the tool from falling when the air supply is cut off. It can be used in combination with various tools or fixtures. It can perform most of the functions of the robot (the functions of the robot are diversified).

The robot tool changer production line is very efficient. It is suitable for all kinds of small production places. Unmanned engineering using robot to tool changer becomes possible (vertical articulated robot); Automatic replacement of robot terminal tools (tools) or clips (clips); Reduce working hours.

If only one type of work can be performed on the robot tool changer on the production line, it will lead to the need to purchase multiple tool changer to work together to complete a work, resulting in higher cost constraints. In order to use the robot effectively, the robot’s hand will be changed automatically, saving time and money, and can carry out all kinds of work. The rapid replacement device of robot tools makes the single work of robot a reality.

The rapid replacement of robot tool changer can improve the efficiency of industrial robot and reduce the production cost. With the continuous improvement of rapid change performance and the simplification of operation, it is believed that the rapid change in the future will have a qualitative leap, and can meet the requirements of diversification and flexibility. Production demand creates more value for enterprise customers.

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