Review of Welding Robot Application Field


Industrial robot welding has been a very mature application process.

Now for the whole domestic technology strength to improve faster today, a large number of equipment in fact does not need such waste and setbacks.

What parts can welding robot weld?

1. Automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, electric vehicle parts welding.

Spot welding robot

Auto parts welding

Electric vehicle parts welding

2. Pressure vessel welding

3. Hardware parts welding (sheet welding, aluminum plate)

Aluminum alloy welding

4. Welding of large steel structure (hoisting welding)

Hoisting and welding of large steel members

5. Laser welding

It should be said that robot welding has great advantages in the application of standard products. Automatic welding and tracking welding are mature technologies. The main products are: welding robot, robot welding, welding manipulator, robot quick change, robot gun plate.

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