The Principle And Structural Features Of Robot Tool Changer


Robot tool changer, also known as automatic tool changer, quick tool changer, quick changer, etc is a flexible connection tool used in the end effector in the industrial robot industry.

Industrial robot tool changer is the main component of high-performance industrial robot system. It can make the robot give full play to its performance, complete a variety of operations and improve the cost performance of the robot.

The robot tool changer enables a single robot to exchange and use different end effectors in the process of manufacturing and equipment to increase flexibility. It is widely used in automatic spot welding, arc welding, material grabbing, stamping, detection, crimping, assembly, material removal, burr cleaning (grinding), packaging and other operations. It has the advantages of fast production line replacement Effectively reduce downtime and other advantages.

The robot tool changer makes the application of the robot more flexible by making the robot automatically replace different end effectors or peripheral devices. These end effectors and peripherals include, for example, spot welding guns, grippers, vacuum tools, pneumatic and electric motors. The robot tool changer includes a robot side for installation on the robot arm and a tool side for installation on the end effector. The tool changer can connect different media such as gas, electrical signal, liquid, video, ultrasound, etc. from the robot arm to the end effector.

The advantages of the robot tool changer are:

1. The replacement of production line can be completed in a few seconds;

2. Maintenance and repair tools can be replaced quickly, greatly reducing downtime;

3. Increase flexibility by using more than one end effector in the application;

4. Use the end effector with automatic exchange of single function to replace the original bulky and complex multi-functional tooling actuator.

Main features of industrial robot tool changer:

Good universality: the robot quick change belongs to the en of arm tooling, which adopts the international standard interface, which has very good universality and matching.

Compact structure: the robot quick change adopts a single piston rod type quick change hydraulic cylinder and adopts a suspension placement mode to ensure its coaxiality installed on the quick change frame; In addition, the single piston rod type can obtain more movement stroke and ensure the extension length of the connecting pin.

On the other hand, it can quickly change the hydraulic cylinder and improve the reliability of the hydraulic cylinder changing device, and on the other hand, it can further improve the reliability of the hydraulic cylinder changing device.

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