What Is The Working Principle Of Robot Quick Change?


When it comes to robot quick change, you may feel strange. Robot tool changer is the main component of high-performance industrial robot system, which can make the robot give full play to its performance, complete a variety of operations, and improve the cost performance of the robot. So, what is the working principle of robot quick change? What are the characteristics of robot quick change ?


Working principle of robot quick change : at present, most of the domestic robot quick change have many problems, such as complex mechanism, complex processing technology, complicated operation and low reliability. For example, some quick change devices use the linkage mechanism to realize the expansion of hydraulic cylinder, which has complex structure and large space; some robot quick change  adopt double piston rod type, which can use short travel and difficult to ensure coaxiality during processing; some robot quick change adopt floating hydraulic cylinder, which is easy to impact and wear due to lack of necessary external protection, and has low reliability. The robot quick change plate is mainly composed of quick change frame and quick change hydraulic cylinder. By controlling the expansion of the quick change hydraulic cylinder by manipulating the solenoid valve handle, the robot can realize rapid switching and hanging different tools, so as to meet the requirements of multi-purpose of one machine.


The main features of the robot quick change are as follows:

Good versatility: all the quick change devices of the robot quick change disk adopt the international standard interface, which has very good versatility and matching.


Compact structure: the robot quick change plate adopts single piston rod type quick change hydraulic cylinder, and adopts suspension placement mode, which ensures the coaxiality of its installation on the quick change frame; in addition, the single piston rod type can obtain more movement stroke, which ensures the extension length of the connecting pin.


High reliability: the robot quick change plate can support the hydraulic cylinder and connecting pin, on the other hand, it can guide the expansion process of the quick change device, so as to further improve the reliability of the quick change device.


With the continuous development of the performance of industrial robots, the technology of robot fast disk changing has also made a breakthrough. High cost performance robots with one machine engaged in a variety of tasks bring more convenience to industrial production, accelerate the process of industrial development, and make great contributions to economic development. That’s all about the working principle of robot quick change.

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