Welding Robot Fixture Must Meet The Design Requirements


In terms of welding robot, in addition to welding the fuselage, welding fixture is also used, because it can accurately position the weldment, facilitate welding, ensure accuracy, help to improve product quality, and reduce the labor of workers.

As a fixture of welding robot, it is not as simple as other equipment, and can be applied only when it meets some design requirements. For example, the welding robot fixture should not damage the surface quality of the weldment when clamping, especially when clamping thin parts, limit the clamping force or take head travel, increase the contact area of the indenter, increase measures and other copper and aluminum bushing to ensure reliable clamping and appropriate rigidity.

The fixture of welding robot not only affects the surface quality, but also the position and geometry of welding. After clamping, the weldment will not loosen or slide, and the restraint of the weldment will not be too large. There’s a lot of pressure.

Secondly, the application point of welding robot fixture should be located at or near the support of the weldment, and the support reaction force and clamping force should be prevented. The support reaction force and gravity form a pair. In order to facilitate control, the structure of positioner and clamping mechanism should not be too many in the same fixture, and only one power supply should be selected as far as possible. Since it is used with welding robots, it should be fast and easy to operate, and the operating position should be located in an easy to operate and easy to operate position. When the fixture is in the clamping state, it should be self-locking; at the same time, there should be enough space for assembly and welding, and all positioning parts and clamping mechanism should keep a proper distance from the weld. In addition to the above characteristics, welding robot fixture plays an important role in automation and mechanization, and is the key to achieve the goals of high speed, compound, intelligence and environmental protection.

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