Can Robot Tool Changer Be Installed On Scara Robot?


Now many enterprises have used industrial robots, but they have encountered problems in flexible manufacturing: how to connect multiple fixtures at the end of the robot and replace them automatically?

The robot tool quick change device developed and produced by LT robot provides a detailed solution. If you have any questions or want to know more about this, you can contact 86-0371-86256680 for consultation.

First, some friends don’t understand the scope of use of the tool quick change device. Can the robot tool quick change device produced by LT be installed on the robot of our company? How to install it? LT robot tool can be installed at any end of the robot, some models need to add flange. CAD drawings are provided for flange to facilitate design. Second, what are the advantages of choosing the LT robot quick change device? It turns out that only a small number of imported brands are available for quick replacement with robots, which is expensive. Moreover, the lead time is long, and the quality of the products developed by the LT robot is comparable to that of the imported first-line brands. But the price is much lower. Various modules are also quite complete. It provides more choices for enterprises

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