Linghang Robot Tool Changer Improve Flexibility Of Automotive Industry


The flexibility of automobile manufacturing is one of the most important indicators to measure its automation. Flexibility can realize the production of a variety of products in a single production line through quick and frequent change of tools, equipments and production process.

The traditional automobile assembly line can only produce a certain fixed model. With the development of technology and the diversification of people’s needs, the demands of models have significantly increase. The traditional produce line can’t meet these needs at all, and the investment is very huge to add new produce line for each model.

Robots can build different model cars on the same assembly line, but there are limitations. A robot without a tool quick-change device can only be matched with one tool, which limits its application. This problem can be solved by the tool quick-change device easily, the tool quick-change device is also known as a robot tool changer, an automatic tool changer, robotic connector, robot coupler or robotic coupler, which can match the robot with multiple end-tools to increase the robot’s functionality.

LT Tool Changers are dedicated to the develop and produce the first-class automatic robot tool changers, then increase robot flexibility, through the quick tool changer devices to make single robot with multifunction, the end of arms can be replaced in just a few seconds, it saves a lot of time and investment, increases workplace utilization, improves product quality and productivity.

Through the high repetition position to ensure the stability of product quality, high hardness alloy material to ensure millions of times of smooth opening and closing, loss of pressure self-locking device to ensure the safety of use, contact type pins, redundant technology and anti-arc design to improve the service life of the modules, compact structure and light weight make installation and debugging easy. As the LT tool changers are increasingly used in the automotive industry and have received wide acclaim.

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