Make Preparation! Enter The Era Of “Industrial Robot”


According to a report on the industrial information website reportlinker in November 2020, industrial robots have become the leader in the field of robots. The market value is expected to increase from US $76.6 billion in 2020 to US $176.8 billion in 2025, with a CAGR of 18.2%. The main reason for this growth is that many manufacturers plan to use robots to overcome the emerging skills gap.

How will industrial robots shape future work

Industry 4.0 is one of the most discussed topics in the world. Around the world, innovation and change have become one of the main challenges that countries and companies must face, and strive to formulate new policies that can take into account big data, digitization and industrial robots. Industrial robots will completely change every part of our life, and will completely transform the mode of world operation into a new era of automation and digital interconnection. Everything is based on digital technology, and people and machines can work together safely.

Industrial robots are developing in the direction of intelligence, and the replacement of gun disk of intelligent industrial robots will become the technical commanding point and economic growth point in the future. In order to keep up with the future industrial development, industrial robot technology is the representative of advanced manufacturing technology. The primary task is to improve the intelligent technology of industrial robots. Intelligent technology can improve the working ability and performance of robots. The development of intelligent technology will promote the progress of robot technology. In the future, the level of intelligence will mark the level of robot. Although there are still many problems to be solved, it will be improved and developed gradually with the progress of science and technology. The future direction of intelligence will not change, and robot products will be expanded to more industries to form a complete system. Nowadays, in the global environment of rising artificial interest, industrial robots will develop rapidly and gradually become the main development form of factory automation production line.

The sudden robot age

Industrial robots are attractive, mainly because of the fear of mass unemployment. No one can really see the impact of robot automation on the market and how it will affect global employment. Will humans be replaced in their daily work? Will the proliferation of robots bring new jobs?

Robot sales have increased exponentially in the past few years, and Asia has shown great growth. Nowadays, most of the work processes in industries such as electronics or automobile are based on automation systems, which can be proved by some examples: for example, at Tesla’s factory in Detroit, 160 robots work with 3000 employees. Robots pose a threat to human employment.

What are your expectations for automated robots

Some later trends of robot technology show more ways of cooperation between humans and robot colleagues. Machines no longer work for humans and do low-level repetitive tasks, but man-machine mixed field is a higher-level scene. More intelligent, efficient and flexible machines cooperate with people to complete tasks.

Challenges faced by the development of industrial robots in China under the new pattern

From the perspective of industry development, the independent production of core parts has not been realized. Most domestic robots in China are used in the fields of handling, loading and unloading, brazing, etc., and foreign-funded enterprises account for a high proportion in high-end fields such as welding, automobile and electronic manufacturing. This is mainly because China relies on imports of core parts such as servo motor, reducer and control system, and the cost of core parts accounts for too much of the overall cost, only reducer accounts for 35% of the cost of robot, Unable to compete with foreign enterprises in high-end fields.

Emerging enterprises continue to emerge, breaking the existing pattern of the industrial robot market

In terms of market share, the monopoly position of the “four families” is increasingly threatened. The 6-axis series industrial robot produced by youao robot in Denmark and the robot produced by rethink robotics are lightweight and flexible, which are widely favored by the market. Robot enterprises in various countries are rising, and quite competitive robot enterprises such as Easton, Xinsong and Guangzhou CNC have emerged. The emerging robot companies have greatly reduced the use cost of robots, and the number and price of old robot enterprises have been greatly affected.

The lightness, flexibility and man-machine cooperation ability of industrial robots are the focus of research and development in the future. With the continuous improvement of R & D level, continuous innovation of process design and the application of new materials, industrial robots are developing towards miniaturization, lightness and flexibility, and their fine operation ability is continuously enhanced. At the same time, with the improvement of the intelligent level of industrial robots, their functions are gradually expanded from handling, welding, assembly and other operational tasks to processing tasks. Man-machine cooperation has become an important direction of industrial robot research and development in the future.

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