What Is The Robot End Of Arm Tooling?


Industrial robots can not only improve the productivity of enterprises, but also reduce the success of operation. Therefore, industrial robots are now welcomed by more and more enterprises, which also activates the market demand for various types of fixtures, such as claw grippers, needle grippers, magnetic grippers, bellows grippers and so on. These fixtures are mainly used in cooperative robots. End tools play a vital role in providing the functions required for grasping for cooperative robots. Now, the market is looking for lighter, faster and cheaper tool products to reduce costs and improve performance, so that enterprises can achieve a higher return on investment.

Industrial robots are now expanding in different fields, and the requirements of end tools will be higher and higher. Some leading manufacturers are constantly meeting the needs of the market through technological innovation and providing the market with powerful grippers, such as soft gripper, vacuum gripper imitating gecko foot and so on. Now mainstream manufacturers include LT, Schunk, onrobot, Schmitz, FESTO, etc. these manufacturers have launched new end effectors for different robot application scenarios, and these end effectors are also leading the new trend of the whole industry.

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