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Robot laser cutting mobile phone screen

In order to improve the flexibility of the production line, a mainstream mobile phone screen manufacturer uses Han’s six axis cooperative robot to take and place products instead of manual and servo motor, so that one robot can load and unload four laser cutting machines, saving equipment cost. Compared with servo motor, robot has the advantages of safer, higher degree of freedom and simpler operation, It greatly improves the flexibility of the production line.

Project background

The enterprise mainly provides high-precision parts products and services for global consumer electronics, it and communication machine products, and maintains close strategic partnership with world-famous manufacturers in home appliance industry, communication industry and it industry, such as Nokia, Huawei, Haier, ZTE, ASUS, Toshiba, Gree, Lenovo, HP and Dell.

In recent years, the recruitment shortage in the industry has become more and more serious. At the same time, in order to reduce cost and increase efficiency and ensure stable and reliable product quality, the enterprise gradually introduces automation equipment and continuously improves its own automation and flexible manufacturing capacity.

Project pain points

In recent years, customers have begun to introduce automatic production lines, initially using laser cutting machine + servo motor + visual camera to realize the automatic production of products. This scheme is too complicated in product switching and debugging, which is not conducive to the on-site operators to quickly switch and debug new products.


One E10 cooperative robot is used for flip loading, unloading and gun disk replacement for four laser cutting machines at the same time.

Four cutting machines are placed in pairs, and a seventh axis guide rail is used in the middle to realize the moving, taking and placing of cooperative robots between machines.

The laser cutting machine requires the feeding accuracy to be about 0.1mm. Therefore, the positioning work when taking and placing products is realized by robot + visual camera.

Program advantages

1 easy deployment

The overall scheme has compact layout and small land occupation. There is no need to make much changes to the original plant, and the equipment layout is simple.

2. Simple operation

After simple training, customers can switch products or debug new products by themselves, which greatly reduces the cost of product replacement.

3 batch operation

Originally, it was a single machine operation, and each laser cutting machine needs one person to load and unload. Through this scheme, one person can take care of multiple equipment at the same time, and the manual feeding only needs to be carried out regularly.

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