What Kind Of Industrial Robot Engineer Can You Become?


Since 2013, China has gradually become the country with the largest demand for industrial robots in the world. A large number of companies need a large number of industrial robots, which makes industrial robot engineers become urgently needed talents.

Industrial robots include robot operation, welding, assembly, painting and inspection. They are mainly used in modern factories and flexible machining systems. It is a machine with automatic control, repeatable programming, multi-function and multi operation. They are usually equipped with manipulators, cutting tools or other installation tools, which can transport materials and workpieces and complete multiple operations. It’s kind of like automation.

According to the application and talent function of different industrial robots, we mainly divide the occupations of industrial robots into the following categories:

① Industrial robot programming and debugging Engineer

This kind of work is responsible for the purification of robots, including welding robots, pallet robots, grinding robots, etc. The basic requirement is to understand the main brands of robots, such as FANUC, Yaskawa, KUKA, esston… Be able to connect and install on site, be proficient in teaching programming, and use various software packages.

② Industrial robot mechanical design expert

The main work contents are design tools and installation and robot workstation. You need to be familiar with mechanical design and electrical structure.

Basic requirements: be familiar with the performance of the robot and various field application processes, such as welding, grinding, scrubbing, loading and unloading, etc.

③ Industrial robot maintenance

Engaged in industrial robot maintenance, mainly focusing on on-site robot maintenance and robot cleaning of some integrators. Some are consistent with robot cleaning engineers, but the requirements are not as good as purification engineering.

④ Industrial robot product manager

Industrial robot product managers are mainly for domestic robot manufacturers and system integrators. For example, automotive industry, electronics industry, lithium battery industry products, design industry applications and explore industry markets.

⑤ Industrial robot software engineer

There are many categories of robot software engineers, including motion control, robot application software development and robot core control algorithm development. There are few people in this field.

⑥ Visual Engineer

Visual engineers, including CCD detection engineers, are the largest enterprises at present, and there are many small and medium-sized enterprises with a wide range of application scenarios, so visual engineers are currently a popular field.

⑦ Motion Control Algorithm Engineer

Motion control algorithm engineers have high requirements and are basically familiar with many major motion control products in the world, such as trio, Estan, etc. There are many needs to be able to control PLC.

⑧ Motion control direction Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineer, the basic requirement is to be familiar with PLC and the related applications of advanced motion controller.

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