Palletizing Robot Gradually Replaces Manual Labors


In recent years, with the development of science and technology, China’s intelligent manufacturing has developed rapidly, and the demand for automatic production is gradually increasing. Therefore, there are all kinds of industrial robots, service robots instead of manual work, and intelligent palletizing robots instead of manual handling in various industries have also been more widely used. Palletizing robot is a machine with more degrees of freedom in three-dimensional space and can realize many anthropomorphic actions and functions. It makes comprehensive use of the latest research results of many disciplines, such as machinery and precision machinery, microelectronics and computers, automatic control and drive, sensors and information processing, artificial intelligence and so on.

The palletizing robot is suitable for chemical industry, medicine, grain, fertilizer, food, building materials, beverage, metallurgy, refractory and other industries. It can carry out full-automatic packaging and palletizing operations for bags, boxes, barrels, bottles, plates and so on. Palletizing robot is one of the indispensable packaging machinery in assembly line production. Its main function is to palletize products and normal packaging and handling of products.

The appearance of palletizing robot has changed the traditional handling form, and liberated workers from high-intensity and monotonous work. In recent years, palletizing robot has shown diversified development. It can replace workers to work in dangerous, high temperature, toxic and harmful environments, ensure product quality and improve production efficiency.

Kangbao electric appliance is an enterprise specializing in the production of electrical equipment and hardware products. After the integrated baking machine is packaged on the production line, it needs to be placed on the forklift for packing, but the weight of the packaged whole baking machine is generally between 25kg and 50kg, which is very hard for workers to carry, and the labor cost is getting higher and higher. In order to reduce the labor intensity of workers and save labor cost, Kangbao electric appliance introduces the palletizing robot of alebo robot company, It is equipped with special high-strength claws to replace manual handling of the box with robots.

On June 1, 2021, on the Xinguan vaccine packaging production line of Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biological Technology Co., Ltd., located in Daxing District, Beijing, the palletizing robot put into use in mid May was in operation. According to the company’s staff, at least 6 packaging production lines will use palletizing robots in the future to improve operation efficiency.

Key components of palletizing robot production line

1. Mechanical gripper of palletizing robot

As one of the important components of the palletizing robot, the working performance of the palletizing manipulator includes high reliability, simple and novel structure, small mass and other parameters, which are of great significance to the overall working performance of the palletizing robot. And different types of mechanical grippers can be designed according to different products, so that the palletizing robot has the advantages of high efficiency, good quality, wide application range and low cost, and can complete the palletizing work well.

2. The commonly used hand grasping of palletizing robot mainly includes

(1) Gripper gripper: mainly used for high-speed bag stacking. This kind of manipulator gripper is mainly used for stacking bags, such as flour, feed, cement, chemical fertilizer, etc.

(2) Splint type mechanical gripper: it is mainly suitable for stacking boxes. This kind of gripper is mainly used for stacking whole boxes or regular boxed packaging articles, and can be used in various industries. You can code one or more boxes at a time.

(3) Vacuum suction mechanical gripper: it is mainly applicable to the stacking objects that can be absorbed. This kind of gripper is mainly used for the stacking objects that are suitable for suction by suction cups, such as film covered packaging boxes, tinned beer boxes, plastic boxes, cartons, etc.

(4) Combined mechanical gripper: it is suitable for cooperative grasping and placing of several stations. It is a flexible combination of the first three kinds of grippers and can meet the stacking and placing of multiple stations at the same time.

Palletizing robot has the following advantages instead of manual

1. The palletizing robot can solve the problem that the labor cost is becoming more and more expensive. The development of society and the education level of young people determine that more and more people will not engage in single physical labor in the future. Therefore, the type of Porter is likely to disappear and solve the problem of recruitment for enterprises.

2. Palletizing robot can replace manual work to solve many monotonous, frequent and repeated long-time operations, or operations in dangerous and harsh environments.

3. Palletizing robot can help enterprises improve the automation level, effectively reduce labor costs, will not affect production due to human factors, and improve production efficiency and production quality. Therefore, more enterprises choose to use palletizing robot instead of labor.

4. The palletizing robot has the advantages of simple structure, simple operation and maintenance, continuous and long-term operation without management, and is more worry-free and convenient than manual operation.

5. The palletizing robot covers a small area. The palletizing robot can be set in a narrow space and can be used effectively. It is conducive to the layout of the production line in the customer’s plant and can reserve a large warehouse area.

6. The palletizing robot technology is becoming more and more mature, with a wide range of application cases, and the production cost is gradually reduced. A man’s salary of one year is enough to buy a simple palletizing robot. Therefore, generally speaking, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Future development trend of palletizing robot

1. Improvement of automation

The combination of mechanical and electronic technology has increasingly become the mainstream technology of palletizing robot. The degree of automation and intelligence is a key index to measure the level of palletizing robot. The automation of palletizing robot is mainly reflected in two aspects: automatic control and automatic detection. The rapid improvement of the automation degree of palletizing robot mainly depends on the application of microelectronics, infrared, sensors and other technologies. The use of Microcomputer in palletizing robot greatly improves the efficiency and quality.

2. High speed palletizing robot

On the basis of high-speed single machine, the overall high-speed operation of the palletizing robot system is improved. The high speed of palletizing robot should be based on the improvement of automation and the optimization of robot structure, so as to improve the operation and production efficiency of the whole palletizing system.

3. The palletizing robot has various functions

With the continuous development of various small batch commodity markets and the increase of small and medium-sized users, the utilization rate of robots that can only palletize fixed batches and fixed sizes is greatly reduced. Therefore, palletizing robots are gradually developing and innovating in the direction that they can be applied to various environments and commodities.

In the era of rapid development of science and technology, palletizing robot will not only develop faster, but also promote the improvement of automation level of production enterprises. It will occupy a leading position in the next few years. Industrial automation will become the inevitable trend of the development of China’s manufacturing industry, and palletizing system will have a broader market and development potential.

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