Inventory Of The World’s Top Ten Industrial Robot Brands


With the development of intelligent equipment, robots have more and more advantages in industrial manufacturing, and robot enterprises have sprung up. However, those leading enterprises still dominate. Today, Xiaobian will take stock of the world’s top ten industrial robot brands!

  1. FANUC

Fanuc (FANUC) is a Japanese company specializing in numerical control system, established in 1956. It is the largest professional CNC system manufacturer in the world, accounting for 70% of the global market share. Fanuc first introduced the electro-hydraulic stepping motor in 1959, and gradually developed and improved the hardware based open-loop CNC system in the following years. In the 1970s, microelectronics technology, power electronics technology, especially computing technology have developed rapidly. FANUC company resolutely abandoned the electro-hydraulic stepping motor NC products that made it famous. On the one hand, it introduced DC servo motor manufacturing technology from gettes company.


KUKA and its German parent company are the world’s top manufacturers in the field of industrial robots and automatic control systems. It was established in Augsburg, Germany, in 1898 and was called “kellerund knappich Augsburg” at that time. The company’s name KUKA is the four initials of kellerund knappich Augsburg. In 1995, KUKA company was divided into KUKA robot company and KUKA KUKA welding equipment Co., Ltd. (now KUKA manufacturing system). In March 2011, the Chinese company was renamed KUKA robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

KUKA products are widely used in automobile, metallurgy, food and plastic forming industries. KUKA robotics has more than 20 subsidiaries worldwide, most of which are sales and service centers. KUKA operates in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India and European countries.

3. That’s wise

In recent years, due to the rise of labor costs and the growth of endogenous demand for enterprise transformation and upgrading, the robot industry has developed rapidly. According to the data of the International Federation of robots, the global robot market increased by 37% year-on-year in 2011. Robot sales in East Asian markets such as South Korea and Japan have increased, while the sales of industrial robots in China have increased by 51% over 2010, becoming the market with the largest growth.

According to IFR data, China is expected to become the world’s largest robot market in 2014. Robot industry will be the most potential new high-tech industry after automobile and computer. Nowadays, international robot giants have poured into China to invest and build factories.

Nazhibueryue company was established in Japan in 1928 and established nazhibueryue (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. in 2003. Now, the company belongs to a sales organization in China. At present, nazhibueryue has two bearing factories in China, a precision tool grinding factory and a welding factory. It will plan to continuously expand its industrial base in the future.

It is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise from raw materials and products to machine tools. There are rich products such as machining, industrial robots and functional parts, and they are also widely used in many fields, such as aerospace industry, rail transit, automobile manufacturing, machining, etc.

“The whole product line of zhibueryue is mainly aimed at the automobile industry.” Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the international mould, hardware and plastic industry suppliers association, said that the intelligent products follow the automobile industry. Where there is automobile manufacturing, there are intelligent products. Not only robots, but also other products, such as bearings, hydraulic parts and other auto parts. The more intelligent it is to start with materials, and then steel, processing tools, bearings, hydraulic parts, machine tools and robots. Most of these products are related to the automobile manufacturing industry.

At present, Na zhibueryue accounts for 15% of the company’s global sales in China’s robot sales market. Na zhibuer will focus more on the world and expand from the European and American market to the Chinese market. The next step will be to develop the Southeast Asian market, such as the Indian market, which is a market area that the company will pay more attention to in the future.

4. Kawasaki robot

Kawasaki robot (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is 100% invested by Kawasaki Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and officially registered in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, China in August 2006. It is mainly responsible for the sales, after-sales service (maintenance, repair, etc.) and technical support of industrial robots produced by Kawasaki heavy industry in China.

Kawasaki robot provides a variety of robot products on the logistics production line, and has considerable sales in various fields such as beverage, food, fertilizer, solar energy, tile making and so on. Kawasaki has a wide variety of palletizing and handling robots. It provides the most suitable robots, the most professional after-sales service and the most advanced technical support according to the different conditions and needs of customers’ workshops. The company also has a wealth of parts in the warehouse, which can provide customers with required accessories in time, and the company has Spraying Robots for display, welding robots and spraying rooms for test, which can provide customers with various related services.

Relying on a high degree of comprehensive technical strength, the company takes providing high-function, high-quality and highly safe products and services as its mission, and has won the trust of the society and customers; Fully understand the corporate social responsibility and make continuous progress based on integrity, vitality, high organization and mutual trust.

5. ABB Robot

Abb, founded in Europe in 1988, entered China in 1994 and ABB China Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. Since 2005, the production, R & D and engineering centers of ABB robots have begun to move to China, which shows the importance of International Robot giants to the Chinese market. At present, China has become the world’s largest market for ABB.

In 2011, ABB Group’s sales reached US $38 billion, including US $5.1 billion in China, a year-on-year increase of 21%. In recent years, some international advanced robot enterprises have aimed at China’s huge market demand and entered China on a large scale.

At present, ABB Robot products and solutions have been widely used in welding, assembly, handling, spraying, finishing, packaging and palletizing in many industries such as automobile manufacturing, food and beverage, computer and consumer electronics, so as to help customers greatly improve their productivity. For example, the 70 smallest ABB robots irb120 installed on the production line of rapoo’s Shenzhen plant this year not only liberated the workers from the heavy and boring mechanized work, doubled the production efficiency and halved the cost. In addition, the flexibility of these robots also helped rapoo reduce the difficulty of engineering design and shorten the development time of automatic equipment by 15% than expected.

6. Stauber

Stauber group manufactures precision mechanical and electronic products: textile machinery, industrial connectors and industrial robots. The company has more than 3000 employees and an annual turnover of more than 1 billion Swiss francs. The company was founded in 1892 in Horgen city on the Bank of Lake Zurich, Switzerland. Today, stauber has developed into a multinational company.

Since 1982, stauber has applied its advanced machinery manufacturing technology to the field of industrial robots, and with its excellent technical services, stauber industrial robots have quickly become one of the leaders in the world.


As early as 1978, KOMA took the lead in developing and manufacturing the first robot, named polarhydraulic robot. In the following decades, with its innovative technology, KOMA has become a leader in robot automation integration solutions. The full range of robot products developed by KOMA company has a minimum load range of 6 kg and a maximum load range of 800 kg. KOMA’s latest generation of smart series robots are the technical core of smart automation application solutions for spot welding, arc welding, handling, automatic wiring of press, casting, gluing, assembly and cutting. Its “hollow wrist” robot nj4 has unparalleled technical advantages in the field of spot welding.

Smartnj4 series robots fully cover the basic features of the fourth generation products. Because of the new dynamic structure design, the weight and size of the robot are reduced. While obtaining better performance, the cycle time and energy consumption are reduced, and the operation cost is reduced, while the product performance is greatly improved. Many features of KOMA smartnj4 series robots can give customers a refreshing feeling. Firstly, the hollow structure enables all welding gun cables and signal wires to pass through the interior of the robot, ensuring the flexibility, penetration and adaptability of the robot. Secondly, the free choice of standard and compact versions can optimize the site layout according to the customer’s project needs. In addition, energy saving, perfect systematic structure and integrated external application equipment make smartnj4 series robots a special and revolutionary project. At present, KOMA plans to manufacture products in China to fully realize the localization of smartnj4 series robots.

8. Epson robot (manipulator)

Epson robot (manipulator) originated from the assembly line of Seiko watch in 1982; China customer service center and EPSON marketing center were established in October 2009. The Department is affiliated with EPSON (China) Limited, which is responsible for the marketing, sales, technical support and after-sales service of EPSON industrial robots (robot) products in Chinese mainland. After the establishment of the new regional headquarters, the market price of EPSON manipulator in Chinese mainland was first repositioned, making EPSON robot (robot) more accords with the actual needs of Chinese mainland’s advanced manufacturing enterprises.

At present, the products promoted in China are mainly 4-axis industrial robots (manipulators) and 6-axis industrial robots (manipulators), and provide general industrial robot (manipulator) accessories in the industry.

9. Yaskawa, Japan

With the concept of “providing solutions”, Motoman, a multifunctional robot, is a dynamic product series of Yaskawa motor robot. While paying attention to the communication and dialogue between customers, Motoman provides the most appropriate solutions for broader needs and a variety of problems, and implements FA Full line support of CIM system.

As of March 2011, the cumulative number of robots sold by the company has exceeded 230000, and is active in various industrial fields such as welding, handling, assembly, spraying, liquid crystal display, plasma display and semiconductor manufacturing placed in dust-free room from Japan to countries all over the world.

YASKAWA industrial robot in Japan has always been favored by users. YASKAWA opened a new robot center in ribnica, Slovenia. The centre was a European Centre until 2013. YASKAWA transferred the German production line to Slovenia and cooperated with the local Motoman robotec and ristro. The above two local enterprises have been renamed Yaskawa Slovenia and Yaskawa ristro. Yaskawa ristro plans to meet 60% of the demand for synthetic robots in Europe and become the top enterprise of robot peripheral products in Europe by 2013. Synthetic robots are used in automobile industry, metal processing industry, food industry and pharmaceutical industry.

10. Xinsong robot

Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinsong company”) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on robot and automation technology and committed to digital high-end equipment manufacturing. It is engaged in industrial robots, intelligent logistics, complete sets of automation equipment, clean equipment, laser technology equipment, rail transit, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, energy equipment Special equipment and intelligent service robots are developing in industrial groups. It has become the largest robot industrialization base in China. The Xinsong South research and innovation center and industrialization base invested and constructed in Hangzhou will focus on the development of laser automation equipment and clean robots.

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