For Different Working Environments, The Selection Requirements Of Robot Tool Changer Are Different


In the industrial era, more and more industrial robot systems have been added to the production line, which not only reduces the production cost, but also improves the product quality, so it has been widely popularized. In order to stabilize the robot system, the robot tool changer have been popularized. Many friends questioned the application scope of robot tool changer.

What are the applications of robot tool changer? Quick change the plate, used for connector module, used for media, data and power transmission; Electrical connectors for data and electrical signals; Welding the main circuit plug of power transmission; For liquid and gas medium joints; Pneumatic and vacuum module. High quality robot quick changer is used to actively store class 3 D safety module; Easy to install programming calibration module; Easily and quickly determine the top position; Precise positioning, fast, trouble free docking and long service life.

The flexibility, ease of use and rich functions of the robot tool changer system are also reflected in the high-performance quick changer tool. This series of automatic tool changing system is designed for medium load capacity, and is also suitable for robots of all manufacturers. It can be customized in a variety of ways to meet the specific production process of customers. The series is a powerful manipulator tool solution that provides a variety of components and modules for media, data and power transmission, aerodynamic design, vacuum and cooling, signal and power performance, and primary current.

For the application scope of the robot quick changer, the above has made a detailed analysis for everyone. For different working environments, the selection requirements of the robot tool changer are different, so everyone must use the robot tool changer according to the actual production conditions.

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