Automatic Robot Tool Changer Connector


In order to use robots for high-intensity and high-precision operation in the production line. Robot quick change joint not only has high hardness and load capacity, but also has significant repeatability. Most importantly, the robot quick change joint can quickly replace the robot end effector, and is easy to accommodate a variety of different parts of the same assembly robot or machining center. It is an ideal choice for robot applications.

According to the different locking devices of the body part, the robot quick change joint can be roughly divided into two types: one is the automatic quick change joint, and the other is the manual quick change joint.

Robot automatic quick change connector

With the support of the quick change system, the robot automatic quick change joint will need to automatically replace the end effector to complete the corresponding task. The selected tool is connected with the tool port of the robot quick change connector, and the robot arm is connected with the main port. The locating pin, pin hole, circuit, air circuit and locking device on the quick change connector can help it locate accurately. When the robot arm moves to an undetermined position and posture, the locking device will start immediately to realize locking.

Robot manual quick change connector

Under the action of the quick change joint, the end effector of the robot arm can quickly complete the corresponding replacement in a few seconds. The air port and electrical connector of the robot manual quick change connector can output instantaneous power to the system without manually reconnecting the air pipe, thus reducing the downtime of the robot.

Different from the automatic quick change connector, the manual quick change connector needs manual intervention in the process of locking and releasing in order to complete the replacement of the end effector.

The robot produced by Zhengzhou Linghang robot Co., Ltd. belongs to automatic quick change joint, which has the following characteristics:

1) Strong enough stability

When the quick change joint fails or its air pressure disappears, the locking device of the robot quick change joint can well complete the task of preventing the separation of the main port and the tool port.

2) Under the condition of ensuring load-bearing, the size shall be as small as possible.

On the premise of ensuring that the function of the robot is not affected, the size of the robot quick change joint shall be as small as possible.

3) Good trafficability

The robot quick change connector has an air circuit connection port for air supply flow, a port corresponding to the signal line lock for signal exchange and a port for allowing current to flow in.

4) High accuracy of repeated positioning

The quick change connector of LT can reach ± 0.02mm

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