Design Principle Of Robot Tool Changer


The robot tool changer comprises a main buffer actuator that can be tied to the leg and a multi-stage buffer actuator / rod buffer composed of a piston type main buffer actuator / rod, which is arranged in the main buffer actuator / rod body, and a plurality of release shutters connected to its inner cavity are arranged on the outer tube bus of the main buffer actuator, And the pressure intake valve and / or the natural intake valve can be connected to the compressed gas cylinder. The multistage buffer first solves the rapid pressure release of the initial impact force. Most of the impact force generated by the impact is eliminated horizontally by the pressure reducing valve group, and the high-speed movement parachute in the buffer stroke can be gradually adjusted to the safety protection range by changing the tool changer. This ensures the safety and stability of parachute landing, as well as the descent speed and speed of parachute landing.

The safety factor shortens the stay time of paratroopers and reduces the injury rate. The gun changing disc has the advantages of faster inertia and stable and safe landing at the fixed point. The two-stage series double cavity buffer is composed of low-pressure stage buffer piston rod, low-pressure stage buffer outer cylinder, high-pressure stage buffer piston rod and high-pressure stage buffer outer cylinder to form the external structure of low-pressure and high-pressure two-stage series double cavity buffer. The support seat, disc spring, spherical valve core and throttle valve seat form two identical spring controlled throttle valves, The low-pressure and high-pressure buffer piston rods are respectively placed in the inner cavity to form low-pressure and high-pressure buffers. The former is used for normal take-off and landing, and the latter is used for anti-collision buffer. Changing the gun disc can meet the anti-collision requirements of the landing gear and the requirements of the landing performance of the landing gear. The buffer is used for oil-gas separation. When the ground stops, the low-pressure air chamber can be charged and deflated through the bottom of the low-pressure air chamber to adjust the length of the buffer when the machine stops, so as to adjust the height of the center of gravity of the helicopter and provide convenience for the ground crew. Install weapons or load and unload goods on helicopters.

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