Advantages And Functions Of Industrial Robots Using Robot Tool Changer


With the aging of the population, many enterprises have encountered employment problems. The emergence of industrial robots has solved this problem. A robot system is expensive and powerful. A robot system can use a robot to tool changer plate to complete a number of tasks. Next, let’s talk about the advantages of robot quick change in detail.

Advantages of robot tool changer:

Automatic and manual robot tool changer are very suitable for sensitive / diverse robot processing areas, using only one robot.

robot tool changer has outstanding repeatability, high hardness and load ability. It is an ideal choice for robot applications.

The end pickup and modular fixture can be changed quickly and can easily contain many different parts of the same assembly machine or machining center.

robot tool changer enables a single robot to communicate and use different end execution tools in the process of manufacturing and equipment to increase flexibility. It is widely used in automatic spot welding, arc welding, data grabbing, stamping, detection, crimping, assembly, data removal, burr clearing, packaging and other operations. robot tool changer is sensitive, easy to use and has rich functions. The self opening tool quick change system is specially designed for medium load capacity. It is also applicable to all robots consumed by manufacturers, and can be customized in a variety of ways to adapt to the customer’s specific consumption process. It is convenient to quickly confirm the top position and accurately locate, so as to complete rapid and trouble free docking and long service life.

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