Development Trend Of Robot Tool Changer


With the continuous development of the demand for intelligent industry, the era of industrial robots has written a new chapter for mankind. More and more robot bodies are put into the production line, which brings many conveniences to industrial production. Quick change is an important part of robot system. With the continuous opening of robot technology, what will be the opening trend of robot quick change?

What is the opening trend of robot quick change? China’s manufacturing industry is facing serious innovation achievements. We should fully rely on enterprises to cooperate with universities and research institutes, accelerate the construction of innovation centers such as new materials and robots, guide and promote the construction of provincial innovation centers, open the discussion of common key technologies and the demonstration of industrialization, and solve the problems of common technologies and insufficient supply of occupations. With the advent of industry 4.0, the gradual rise of China’s labor costs and the promotion of industrial transformation, robot replacement is the general trend. Huge domestic shopping malls, a huge number of talent reserves and the active guidance and support of national policies are the advantageous conditions for China to open the industrial robot industry. Since 2013, China’s industrial robot shopping malls have continued to increase rapidly. At this stage, the utilization rate of industrial robots in China is still low and has a wide open space.

Further integrate industrial innovation resources, promote the establishment of robot innovation center, support the progress of quality and reliable functions of key parts, and jointly open robot pilot demonstration, implementation and talent training. To avoid disorderly expansion and standardize career opening, we will start from strengthening planning guidance, advancing access threshold and formulating professional standards. Therefore, robot quick change technology will have a breakthrough development.

With the acceleration of intelligent manufacturing centered on industrial robots, the planning of robot shopping malls has increased rapidly, and the wave of artificial intelligence has swept the world. The robot industry has ushered in a rapid opening. People have higher and higher requirements for the quality of quick change of robots. With the support of government departments, the robot industry will gradually open to the direction of high-end in the future.

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