What Are The Characteristics Of Robot Quick Changer?


Robot quick changer is a device that makes the robot more flexible by quickly replacing the end effector of the robot. He has the following characteristics:

1. In the industrial production line, the robot quick changer can replace the end effector in just a few seconds;

2. When the robot is working, the replacement of its maintenance and repair tools is fast and efficient, which greatly reduces the downtime of the robot, so as to reduce the loss in the production process;

3. When put into practical production and application, the robot quick changer can help the robot use multiple end effectors, so it increases the flexibility;

4. The traditional replacement method of end effector is too cumbersome and cumbersome, while the end effector with automatic exchange of single function is convenient and fast, which can be replaced completely.

5. For some important applications, the robot quick changer can also provide some backup tools to avoid accidents as much as possible.

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