How To Apply Robot Tool Changer In Automobile Welding Workshop


robot quick changer provides a solution for automobile manufacturing enterprises to build flexible projects With the increasing maturity of industrial robot technology, it has the characteristics of high repeated positioning accuracy, fast response speed, stable operation and reliability. Based on the characteristics of automobile manufacturing enterprises, robots are more widely used in welding workshop, such as welding, gluing, handling, edging and so on. The tools (welding gun, gripper, etc.) required by the same station may need to be increased, and the use of tool changer is particularly important. According to the use and demand of robot tool changer, the following problems need to be paid attention to in the daily maintenance and troubleshooting of robot tool changer. For example, during robot teaching, ensure that the connecting disc on the human side of the machine is aligned with the connecting plate on the tool side, enter vertically at low speed, and remember not to have inclination, Avoid damaging the locating pin and locking mechanism of the robot tool changer; When the robot puts down the tool, it should put the tool in place and open the locking device to prevent the tool from falling freely; Delay the quality of air source and water filter, and increase the service life of air source and water filter; Regularly lubricate the locking mechanism to reduce wear; Regularly bind cables, water and gas pipes, etc. to avoid interference with the connection of robot too changer after pipeline scattering; Regularly replace the seals of water and gas valves; Check and replace electric contacts regularly.

By adopting the robot tool changer, the auxiliary processing time is greatly shortened and the manufacturing efficiency is improved. Modular and standardized fixture structure and design, simplified production management. Through the tray, the rapid conversion of tooling is realized, and the common line production of different series of cylinder heads is realized, with high flexibility. It realizes the universal clamping and connection of machining, cleaning, assembly, handling and inspection, unifies the equipment fixtures, and reduces the equipment investment. Rapid positioning and high repetition accuracy; Stable and reliable clamping; It is suitable for the tooling requirements of modern automatic processing.

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