Application Of Robot Tool Changer In Many Industries


In the digital and intelligent future factory, the end effector of LT and production plays an increasingly important role. In addition to providing higher production flexibility and production efficiency, and providing plug and play solutions, it can also actively participate in the development of cutting-edge fields such as man-machine cooperation by collecting process data to assist the optimization of production system.

The rapid growth of the collaborative robot market is also providing a main driving force for the growth of robot fixture quick change actuators. More innovative applications are used in various industries to help improve productivity, efficiency, reliability, listing speed, etc.

In the garment industry, due to the softness and strong ductility of fabrics, how to realize layered grasping and accurate automatic stacking of fabrics by machines is a common problem in the textile industry all over the world. Zhengzhou pilot provides high-quality robot end effector and fabric loading and unloading workstation brought by soft touch.

The bulb has various sizes and is easy to be damaged, so the traditional rigid clamping claw should not be used. In the demonstration of flexible loss prevention scheme, the flexible clamping claw is used to implement wrapped grasping.

In addition, the electrostatic suction cup is mainly used for the loading and unloading of cloth in the garment / shoe industry. The use of electrostatic adsorption solves the problem that the cloth is soft and breathable and can be grasped stably without equipment, and realizes the automatic operation of cloth handling in the garment industry.

In addition, the bionic design claw of duck web has also officially appeared. It has application space from sorting aircraft meals to grasping powdered reagents in the laboratory. The automatic grasping of powder fiber, which is toxic and harmful to human body, has always been a pain point in the industry, and duck webbed claws can also effectively solve this problem.

In 3C industry, facing thin objects, such as mobile phone screen and circuit board, flat claws are used to grasp them, so as to protect these fragile objects. In addition, the surface of such objects usually needs to be traceless, which means that when grasping with the manipulator, there are traceless requirements for the manipulator, and the soft touch claw can just meet these requirements.

Because a robot performs multiple operations, it can realize the diversification of robot functions, shorten the preparation time of operations, and contribute to multi variety and small batch production. The robot tool quick change consists of two parts, which are called the main disk and the tool disk respectively. The design of the two parts can automatically lock the connection and connect and transmit media such as electrical signal, gas, water and so on. Most robot connectors use gas to lock the main disk and tool disk. The robot end effector accessories supplied by Zhengzhou pilot provide great flexibility for automatic tool replacement and connecting various media.

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