Utility Coupler | Increase Service Life and Flexibility of Any Production Line


The utility coupler can realize quick connection and pass through power energy, such as electric current,air,liquid etc.
The fixed end with unique flexible mechanical device, and can have a compensation for positioning deviation, mechanical deviation and other deviation during docking process.

  1. Provide energy connection between master station and slave station, including power, data, I/O and other media;
  2. Modular, multi-installation surface design, more flexible collocation;
  3. It has all-round floating performance in X, Y and Z directions to eliminate docking errors;
  4. The docking/detaching status LED is visible, and the slave station is standard with the slave station number identification;
  5. Optional servo motor or cylinder drive;
  6. Optional tool disc presence detection sensor

Technical Highlights

Locating pin shaft: anti-jamming locating pin structure, smoother locking and separation, easy to debug

Low Friction Probe: Minimizes surface wear caused by high frequency opening and closing

Redundant design: The transmission is more stable, the use cost is reduced by at least 30%, and the maintenance times and maintenance man-hours are reduced

Floating mechanism: both fixed side and floating side can be installed, the maximum floating amount is ±8mm

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