How To Choose The Suitable Robot Tool Changer?


Even it is a good point to select the robot tool changer through the payload, the anti torque ability is the most important parameter to select the robot tool changer  model most suitable for your application. In addition to the payload, it is also necessary to know the position of the center of gravity of the executing tool with the largest weight and the distance from the center of gravity to the bottom surface of the tool side of robot tool changer, so as to determine the static torque value of this application. The appropriate tool changer model can be accurately selected through the static torque value. Don’t worry if the acceleration is greater than 1G, because the robot tool changer can withstand more than 3 times the maximum static torque value.

Generally speaking, as the number of tool changer models increases, the corresponding load rating and torque resistance will also increase. The robot tool changer can be installed with a variety of modules to connect to the end execution tool through media such as gas, water, strong / if electric signal, etc. Compliant dielectric connectors are suitable for docking and fixture applications that require rapid connection and through dielectric signals (such as water, electricity, gas, etc.). The modular and multi mounting surface design can cooperate with the standard additional media module, and can improve the service life and flexibility of any production line.

The function of robot tool changer hand grasping:

The replacement method of traditional operation device must be carried out through disassembly and assembly of pin shaft, which requires special disassembly and installation tools. It takes more than 1 / h for skilled workers to replace the operation device once. The robot tool changer grab is different. The industrial robot can complete the rapid disassembly and assembly of various operation devices at the operation site, which not only ensures the production safety, but also reduces the disassembly and installation time, but also avoids the damage of the pin shaft in the disassembly and assembly process.

At present, most domestic robot tool changer grippers have many problems, such as complex mechanism, complex processing technology, cumbersome operation and low reliability. For example, some robots use the linkage mechanism to realize the expansion and contraction of the hydraulic cylinder, which has complex structure and occupies a large space; Some robot tool changer grippers adopt double piston rod type, which can use short stroke and is difficult to ensure coaxiality during processing; Some robots use floating hydraulic cylinders for quick change grasping. Due to the lack of necessary external protection, it is easy to produce impact and wear, and the reliability is low.

Quick change gripper enables a single robot to exchange and use different end effectors in the process of manufacturing and equipment to increase flexibility. It is widely used in automatic spot welding, arc welding, material lifting, stamping, detection, crimping, assembly, material removal, burr cleaning, packaging and other operations. It has many advantages, such as rapid replacement of production line, effectively reducing downtime and so on.

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