Advantages of Robot Tool Changers Compared With the Traditional Machining Mode


Robot tool changer is a device for robots to quickly replace end effectors. It can quickly replace different end effectors within seconds, making robots more flexible and efficient. It is widely used in various fields of the automation industry.

Advantages of robotic tool changers compared with the traditional machining mode

  1. Production line replacement can be completed within seconds;
  2. Maintenance and repair tools can be quickly replaced, greatly reducing downtime;
  3. Flexibility is increased by using more than one end effector in the application;
  4. Use the end effector with automatic exchange of single function to replace the original cumbersome and complex multi-functional tooling effector.

A full range of robot tool changer for Linghang Robots, payload from 5kg robot tool changers to 2300kg robotic tool changers, with more than 30 product models to choose.

It is widely used in fast switching of end tools such as spot welding, end pickers, grippers, punching , lasers, burr cleaning tools, vision devices, ultrasonic welding guns, etc.

The whole series of robot tool change have passed ISO9001 quality certification and EU CE certification.


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