A New Round Of Industrial Robot Market Broke Out, With The Trend Of Large Load, High Speed And Multi Combination


China has become the world’s largest industrial robot application market for many years. With the upgrading of intelligent production and manufacturing, China’s industrial robot market has achieved a new round of outbreak. According to the data of Mir databank, it is estimated that the overall market shipment of industrial robots in China will reach 249584 units in 2021, with a year-on-year increase of 45.5%.

High quality development needs innovation, which provides power for development. In 2021, new products appear frequently in China’s industrial robot market. Mir Rui industry has summarized and sorted out the new products of industrial robots released by various manufacturers in 2021, and analyzed the development trend for you to read.

SCARA new product summary and development trend analysis

New product release of major manufacturers in China’s SCARA market in 2021

Large load: in order to meet the needs of more industrial application scenarios such as power battery cell handling, auto parts, food and beverage, the new product R & D of various industrial robot manufacturers has increased the load requirements of SCARA robot. The maximum load of SCARA new products released by xinshida, Huichuan and esston in 2021 can reach 50kg.

High protection level: it can work in water and oil environment, and the protection level of the fuselage is improved. The protection level of the new ts2-100 launched by stauber can reach IP65.

Speed improvement: the standard cycle beat speed is accelerated. The standard cycle time of ABB’s new products is 0.29s. Huichuan specially launched ir-c8 high-speed SCARA robot, and the standard cycle time is only 0.26s.

New product summary and development trend analysis of multi joint robot

New product release of major manufacturers in China’s multi joint robot market in 2021

High precision: the high-frequency repetitive action of the six axis robot needs to be guaranteed by the repetitive precision. The smaller the error caused by multiple positioning of the manipulator at the same position in the past, the more guaranteed the machining precision. Therefore, the repeated positioning accuracy of new products of robots from various manufacturers is gradually improved. For example, the repeated positioning accuracy of new products of Kawasaki robot, Huashu robot and matching robot is about 0.02 and 0.03mm.

Simplicity: the programming is simple and the operation teaching is easy to understand. FANUC’s new heavy-duty intelligent robot m-1000ia adopts high-performance teaching pendant to make the operation easier.

New product summary and development trend analysis of cooperative robot

New product release of major manufacturers in China’s cooperative robot market in 2021

Flexibility: the production needs of robot customers are gradually changing to small batch, diversification, production customization, order fragmentation, rapid deployment and flexible adjustment of the production line. After the personalized demand is highlighted, the production tools are required to become flexible to adapt.

Intellectualization: industrial robots can greatly improve their application scenarios and easy deployment. They have the function of automatic obstacle avoidance, intelligently identify the surrounding environment, and stop working immediately when they touch the existence of people.

Simplification: industrial robots perform a series of actions by completing programming tasks. Programming simplification makes it easier for industrial robots to receive instructions and improve production efficiency. ABB gofa ™  CRB 15000 and swift ™  CRB 1100 cooperative robot supports guided programming, wizard simple programming, and Jaka C series cooperative robot of card saving supports graphical programming and drag and drop programming.

Safety: manufacturers pay more and more attention to the safety of robots. For example, Kema’s racer-5-0.80 Cobot has the safety collision detection function PL D cat, has passed the 3 T Ü v s ü d safety certification, and the aura170kg load cooperative robot is equipped with an anti-collision system.

Wide application: as an important branch of robots, cooperative robots are overcoming challenges and subverting the industry. With the advantages of low self weight, high flexibility, easy programming and small limitation of working space, cooperative robots are widely used in 3C, automobile, mechanical equipment and other fields. Cooperative robot can not only meet the needs of manufacturing industry, but also be applied in new fields such as clothing, construction, medical treatment and new retail due to its more flexible and safe characteristics. Manufacturers also gradually begin to pay attention to the application of cooperative robot in non industrial scenes.

Compound type: from the perspective of product trend, 5kg level products are still the main battlefield of cooperation, but it is worth noting that more and more cooperative robots begin to match with 3D vision system, flexible end effectors and mobile robots to give industrial robots the functions of “eyes”, “hands” and “feet” to meet the intelligent and flexible operation requirements of various work scenes.

Above all, with the advent of the intelligent era and the coverage of more and more application scenarios, the market demand for industrial robots will certainly increase in the future. For all industrial robot manufacturers, seizing the opportunity, starting from products and further consolidating in technology will be conducive to gaining a firm foothold and highlighting the encirclement in the next fierce competition.

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