Technical Advantage of Linghang Robot Tool Changer


3 million repeat times accuracy guarantee

The locking mechanism and positioning pin are made of high-strength stainless steel, which ensures that the tool changer can still maintain high precision after millions of times of opening and closing wear;

Structure, excellent anti-rust performance.

Gas pressure loss self-locking

Reliable gas pressure loss self-locking function, when the robot side of the gun changer suddenly loses pressure, the locking mechanism loses the air pressure locking force, the spring will still keep the gun changer cam in the locked position, and the tool side is pulled down by gravity, driving the steel The column moves from the locking inclined surface to the safety opposite inclined surface to form an equal neutralizing force to ensure that the tool disc will not fall off.

Safe docking system

With the patented tool holder interlock function, when the tool quick changer is working normally, even if the industrial robot wrongly outputs the opening command to the solenoid valve module, the tool quick changer will not perform the opening operation.

Easy to debug

Anti-jamming positioning pin structure, opening and closing and separation are more smooth; equipped with automatic identification function, it is more convenient to automatically identify the address of the tool disk and execute the corresponding process; the LED status is visible, and the external M8 connection allows the spacing to be 2.5mm. The contact lock is convenient for debugging and after-sales personnel to maintain and replace.

In the future, Linghang Robot will always adhere to the corporate philosophy of “innovation, focus, extremeness and efficiency”, continuously increase the research and development and application of new technologies and new processes, and continuously realize the integration of industry and robotics through technological innovation. Linghang Robot provides more efficient and flexible production equipment, improves the level of intelligent manufacturing in China, promotes the global industry 4.0 process, and committed to becoming the world’s best robot tool changer supplier.

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