Zhengzhou TV Station and Zhengzhou Daily Came to Zhongwu Tech Park to Interview Linghang Robot


On the morning of April 12, Zhengzhou TV Station and Zhengzhou Daily came to Zhongwu Tech Park to collect on-the-spot development of the park in recent years. First, They came to Zhengzhou Linghang Robot Co., Ltd. to interview the characteristics, highlights and top technologies of Linghang in the development of scientific and technological innovation. Mrs Zhang, vice president of the company, was interviewed.

Since entering the park, the Linghang Robot has received strong support from the park.

First, in terms of policy assistance, science and technology, R&D, industry and information technology units have visited the park many times to understand the needs of enterprises, and input specific measures such as counterpart assistance policies, financial incentives and subsidies to provide policy support for enterprises.

Second, in terms of speeding up administrative examination and approval, by directly connecting with the business handling department, optimizing the examination and approval process, shortening the time limit for handling affairs, and providing enterprises with convenient, efficient and high-quality administrative services.

Thirdly, in terms of talent support, according to the employment needs of enterprises, use online and offline recruitment channels to attract high-end high-quality talents and provide talent support for enterprises.

After precipitation, Linghang Robot Terminal has grown into a technologically innovative company with multiple core patents, products spanning many industry fields, and leading industry technology frontiers.

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